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Welcome to KBLGroup.

Kanzbahr Lines Sdn Bhd, is one of the NVOCC/Freight forwarder,established in Malaysia owned and Directed by Mr.Aslam, who vision is to build up a dynamic and professional team to serve best. All its customers to the highest satisfactory level in their export and import shipment necessities. We have extended our services from Malaysia to India,Upper Gulf,Pakistan and far east in two way that's is both export and import.
We aim to use our vast reach, end to end, port to port and provide good benefits. To our customers, employees, shareholders and principals. We value for money, quality by intelligently coordinating resources and orchestrating the timely movement of your cargos.






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In our line of business it’s pretty hard to find honesty and professionalism. We are relaxed and confident every time, because they proved having such qualities. Needless to say, We are looking forward for the next load!

Mr. Mohammad - CSL

They provide extraordinary customer service, on time deliveries, and maintain professionalism in every situation. Their timely responses and open communication allow us to keep all parties informed.

Mr. Taufiq - CSL

In spite of various challenges in certain countries, they had shown exceptional capabilities in providing on-time deliveries of essential parts, equipment & supplies we need at competitive rates.

Mr. Haroon - CSL


I am so clever that sometimes I do not get a single word of what I am saying and get very confused. Sometimes I worry about being a success in a competitive world.

Kanzbahr Lines Sdn Bhd, is one of the NVOCC/Freight forwarder established in Malaysia. We had the privilege to work with some of the largest shipping company in the business and we have established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table project.

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Non Vessel Operating Container Carriers. A shipping line that has space arrangement with common carriers & other shipping lines.

In some countries, including India, the container needs to be “domesticated” by paying the customs duty on the depreciated value of the container for use within the country (DTA – ‘Domestic Tariff Area’).

Master Lease is a general agreement signed between the suppliers and Shipping lines. It may or may not specify the lease period or quantity but will have all the Commercial and General Terms.

The customs law allows domestication after payment of appropriate duty. But the operational part of doing it in most ports is very cumbersome and bureaucratic with no clear guidelines of how this can be done.

Any container can be sold as per agreement terms once the ‘domestication’ is done.

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